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The spring hockey season kicked off last night with mixed results. The Boxers made their debut with a 8-3 loss against the Blizzard. Meanwhile, the Bombers came from behind to take the opening game all the way to an overtime shootout against the Billymarks, where we ended up losing.

The Boxers, the team I’m playing full time on for the spring, was a great time. I skipped playing in D7B last season and it was fun to be back. It took us the first period to find a grove. Not surprising since the team is brand new and even though we, for the most part, all know each other, we’ve not played together. It was good we didn’t let the scoring deficit get to us. We kept fighting through and I think we’ll end up with a solid first season. The team has good talent and I’m sure it will get harnessed.

I certainly had my issues in the first period. In the opening eight seconds the Blizzard scored. Not the way I wanted my first Boxers shift to go down. At least it got better from there and it turned out for my last shift of the game I was on the ice while we scored.

The Bombers game was a lot of fun. I’m an alternate for this D8 team for the season and it looks like this will also be an excellent time. The team, facing the tough Billymarks, came from behind to force overtime. Unfortunately we lost 4-3 after the shootout. Still, it’s a point in the standings and that’s a better season start than the other NYCGHA teams had last night.

This game felt good. I made some good defensive stands last night, especially against some of the Billymarks strong players. I also had a great offensive run, taking the puck from the defensive zone, through the neutral zone and into the offensive zone and around Billymarks defense. My shot bounced off the goalie and one of my teammates picked up the rebound for a goal. That was quite satisfyingly awesome.

I think it is going to be a fun spring season. Both teams are off next week for the Easter holiday. Beyond that the schedule isn’t up yet, but I assume at least one of the teams will play in two weeks.