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I got a last minute call to sub in for the Bombers last night. I’m glad I did as the game was a lot of fun. We ended up losing 2-1 in an overtime shootout against the Scapegoats, one of the division’s top teams. The game was scoreless until mid-way through the second. We got the tying goal with just 15 seconds left in the third. The fourth round of the shootout brought the end of the game as Scapegoats got one past our goalie.

I played well last night. Defensively I kept pucks away from the net. My poke check was in good form. I also pulled off some critical clears from in front of the net, something I’d also done during Ronnie’s Ice in the morning. It seemed to be a day for helping out goalies. I got three offensive rushes in last night, the most critical was the one that created the tying goal. I drove in to the offensive zone, fired off a shot that rebounded and the same wing that picked up the goal from my rush last week was right there to put the puck in the back of the net.

We picked up another point in the standing for the OT loss last night. It’s just a matter of time before this team starts to post some sound wins. I believe holding the Scapegoats to a single goal is another positive sign for the season we’re going to have.

Next week the Boxers play and hopefully I’ll get called into the Bombers game as well.