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The Boxers lost last night to Tsunami. I remember this team from my time playing with the Wizards and they are always a team that brings a solid game. The good news was it was only a 3-1 loss, showing that we brought a pretty good game too. We had a lot of offense, but had a hard time getting past their goalie. While Tsunami also brought a lot of offense and did end up with one goal that was incredibly lucky and a couple others that the defense and our goalie just couldn’t stop.

The game was full of ups and downs for me. I had shifts were I played well and shifts that were full of errors. I’m not sure which I was actually doing more. I know I did make more than a few clears in front of the net and took a penalty to stop one of the Tsunami from bringing the puck straight into the slot for a shot (Kevin, sorry that took us both down). I also got some shots in from the point and skated the puck up to help the offense. Conversely there were wiffed passes, poor attempts at clearing and at times just reading plays wrong.

The fall I took with the penalty did rile up some leg pain. Something is going on in my hamstrings and going up through my butt and into my lower back. I started feeling it towards the end of last week. I’m not sure what caused it, but it can be very sharp at time, like crashing down to the ice. I’ll try to take it easier this week so that I can heal up whatever is happening in that area.

Next week there are no league games for me since Will and I have a date to see the American Ballet Theatre. At least there will be Ronnie’s Ice in the morning. Yay!