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Yesterday was an interesting goal scoring day.

Goal 1 (Ronnie’s Ice): Playing small games yesterday I managed to receive a pass, take a couple strides and put the puck in the top corner on the opposite side of the net from where I was. This is probably the prettiest goal I have ever scored in nine years of playing. It was cool to get an ovation from the other people at Ronnie’s. I’ve known many of them for years now and they know that shooting is something I’m always working on so for them all to acknowledge that goal was awesome.

Goal 2 (Bombers Game): We were down a couple goals in the first period already. I poke checked the puck off of an opponent’s stick and then charged forward to claim it, skated down ice with it and slid it in past their goalie. It was great getting the Bombers on the board, and cool to get an unassisted goal too.

Goal 3 (Bombers Game): Here’s the big oops for the day. In the third period, the score was 4-2, I was working to make a clear in our defensive zone. I had no outlet ahead of me, so I decided to send it behind the net to the defensemen on the other side who was in the clear. Unfortunately, my trajectory was off and I put the puck in our own net (I did, by the way, nearly flunk geometry in high school). The Bombers took that in stride. I’m sure I beat myself up more about it than they could have possibly done.

Overall it was a good hockey day. Despite scoring on our own net, I had a great time with the Bombers. We lost 7-3, but by and large I provided good defense (not counting goal 3) and contributed to the offense more than once. The Boxers are now 1-3-2 for the season. Hopefully the second half of the season will improve and get the team to a winning record.

The Boxers and an outstanding game. We met up with the Wizards, our NYCGHA rival in D7B. The captains had a wager on the game and I’m happy to say the Boxers collected on that wager defeating the Wizards 5-0. I felt really good in this game. I played the blue line well and held the puck in a lot. I stepped up on people in our defensive zone and worked to clear the puck from in front of the net with decent success. I worked to contribute to the offense a couple times. Most importantly, I didn’t shoot on our net (although I did make the same clearing pass towards the end of the game and as I released the puck I was terrified for a moment that I’d mess it up again).

With that, the Boxers are now 2-4 in the standings. I’m convinced we’ll continue to improve. The team has such great team work. We gel better every week and I think we’l have a winning streak of our own before the season is out.

Next week is the Chelsea Challenge so there are no league games. For the third consecutive Challenge, I’m playing for Gregg Quider’s Hartford Whalers team. I’m glad to be back there and I’m sure it is going to be an excellent weekend!