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The cycling season has been going extremely well so far. I’m feeling stronger on the bike, which has increased my speed and my ability to manage climbs. I did a ride earlier in the month with Kip and Joey in some hilly areas in Jersey and while it was a challenge at times, I did survive it well. Plus it was a ride that was slightly over 50 miles so and it was satisfying to knock out that distance so early in June. I look forward to many more rides with these two through July and August.

Beyond the longer rides though, I feel myself getting stronger in the morning commute rides too. My speed is picking up and I’m riding in higher gears too. At the end of last year I was tending to be on gear 5 on the middle sprocket with some moves into 6. I’ve spent most of this spring in 6 and have recently been drifting towards 7. This is a good sign that my legs are getting stronger. Plus I’m passing people more often than I’m being passed. And, one last sure sign of more speed, I’m covering more ground, often covering between 10-12 blocks before a signal light stops me than the 6-8 blocks I was accomplishing last year.

Fundraising has been solid too. I held a hockey scrimmage Memorial Day weekend and racked up nearly $2300 from my hockey friends, which was higher than last year’s scrimmage brought in. I’d like to give a huge shout out of thanks to everyone who has contributed so far: Allison Hamley, Ashley Singer, Benji and Brian Farrey-Latz, Bill Gauthier, Brian Dinan, Carolyn Boschi, Chad Belicena, Cheryl Wray, Chris Rominger, Craig Snyder, David Ayres, David Wender, Ed Lawrence, Elizabeth Kromelow, Elvis Murks, Grant May, Gregg Quider, Howard Krulewitz, Jacqueline Andrews, Jason LaPorte, Jason Polansky, John Ashbridge, John Viloria, John Lewis, John Haldi, John Mancuso, Keith Champagne, Kevin Gay, Laura Lee, Leif Backus, Matthew Andersen, Michael Bukraba, Michael Russ, Mike Richitelli, Miro Trunec, Paul Trevillion, Ray Carroll, Rich Stein, Rich Weiss, Robb Riedel, Robin Stiskin, Scott Tropper, Stephanie Koncicki, Stephanie Kung, Stephanie Sterling, Steven Candela, Susanna Prough, Tony Tran, Vanessa Wanderlingh, Vickie Neilson and Z.A. Maxfield.

Currently I’m $600 away from having the minimum I need to go on the ride (which is $3,500). I’ve raised my goal for the year to $5,000 because I truly believe it’s doable and because this cause deserves to get at least that much money from me. If you can help support the cause, you can donate to my ride here.

Some good fundraising things are happening over the next few weeks as well:

  • Bicycle Built for Two came out yesterday from Dreamspinner Press. I’m very pleased with this romantic story that is set inside a ride very much like Braking the Cycle. I’ll be donating all my author royalties from this novella to the ride. You can learn more about this story over at
  • During July and August, the Flying Goats (my BTC team) will be at The Will Clark Show featuring P*rno Bingo! on many Wednesday nights. It’s always crazy fun hanging out at P*rno Bingo! and the Flying Goats and Braking the Cycle are getting the proceeds from the evening for many of the summer nights. Details will go out over Facebook about our nights there. If you’re in NYC and want to come support us, it would be great to see you there.
  • The Flying Goats are also hosting a health and wellness afternoon on Saturday, July 16 at the Ripley-Grier Studios on 8th Avenue between 36 & 37th Streets. You can get details on Facebook about the event.