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The one thing I’ve discovered during this challenge is that I absolutely hate talking about myself. Actually, I’ve always known this, but now I know it also extends to blogging about myself. It just makes me uncomfortable.

That being said, I had a great chest workout at the gym today.

I haven’t mentioned nutrition so far, but it is by far the key component to achieving your goals in the gym. You’d think it’d be the amount of cardio you do or how much you can bench press. Food is fuel, and getting all the protiens and carbs your body needs to grow is super-duper important.

I could measure my food and and count calories, but I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less (other than write about myself). I keep things as simple as possible. Eat several times a day and eat lots of protien and fiberous carbs.

Stay away from nutritionally “vacant” foods. I love pizza and mexican food and cake, but I know if I eat it, all I’m giving my body is bad carbs and fat. I’m not saying I never eat these things. Indulging once in a while is good, just be sensible about it.

Cute Aussie boy Shannon recently had a few things to say about this subject. He rambles a little in some spots, but overall I believe in what he’s saying. His accent is also completely adorable. If his Aussie drawl doesn’t melt your heart just a little, then you must be dead inside and I’d  rather not know you.