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Sunday evening I was clicking around on Google+ (here’s my profile if you want to add me to a circle or two) and I found a post from one of my favorite inspirational and informative people, Chris Guillebeau. It was about Ali Edwards and the Week In The Life project she does once a year.

The project is simple, really. All you do is document what goes on in your life for a week. To make it even simpler, you decide how far you want to go with it. I was intrigued by this for a few reasons. I’m awake and active approximately 17 hours per day. During the work week a good half of that is spent at work along with the commute to get there and back. The other half is mostly the same–in front of the computer, in front of the TV, doing regular tasks. But there are nuances in each day that might be fun to capture and record.

I decided to give it a go and see what I come up with, so each morning for the next seven days I’ll write about whatever things and events actually caught my attention from the day before. As the week goes on too I’ll add some pictures in. I simply forgot the camera for Monday.

So here we go…

Monday, July 25 (waking hours from 5am to approx. 10pm)

Favorite moment of the day: This one is actually true most days, waking Will up. Since I’m already up, I usually wake him at 7. The good morning smile I get is simply awesome.

For better or worse, the first thing I read in the morning was about the ongoing deficit ceiling and possibly U.S. credit default. On his Twitter feed yesterday, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg took the government to task for not getting this work out. This tweet summed it up good for me: “Americans are rightly disgusted with the gridlock and lack of compromise on the #debtceiling.”

I have to admit… I waste about 30 minutes every morning playing Angry Birds. I am addicted to bashing pigs, or if I’m playing “Rio” to basing monkeys.

I’ve been engaged in more creative work, i.e. Photoshop, for clients lately. I admit, I’m not a designer, but I do enjoy working on creative projects. Playing with colors, moving things around so they look decent.

I arrived early for a morning client meeting in the Flatiron district and killed some time at a Starbucks where I got to hear a rant from a woman who was not happy that she’d received cream cheese with her bagel instead of butter. She was quite loud about it, seemingly wanting to get other people to engage with her in outrage. I felt bad for her that 1) she felt the need to be so public with this and 2) that she could get so bent out of shape over something so simple. I suspect she was disappointed that the barista was happy to give her butter and that she’d not been charged for either.

It’s great when you work with a client who embraces their work with a good attitude and a desire to get things done right!

I missed my bike yesterday. Between a messed up rear brake, the heat and today’s morning client meeting, I haven’t ridden much since last Wednesday. The bike is truly my preferred method of transport when I’m getting myself around. Why stand on a hot, sweaty subway platform when you can zip around and create your own breeze. Plus, you’re rarely delayed when you travel by bike and you get good scenery!

I noticed Bicycle Built for Two was on Dreamspinner’s Bestsellers List. I’m not sure how long its been there, but I was thrilled to see it listed almost a month after its release.

A couple of TV notes: True Blood stresses me out. There’s the whole demon baby thing going on, plus the creepy witch stuff along with other random spooky things. I basically watch huddled up next to Will for protection. After last night I’ve given up watching Food Network’s Heat Seekers too. As much as I’m a fan of Aarón Sanchez, I just don’t get the appeal of watching people heat food hot enough to burn their face off.