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Wednesday, July 27 (waking hours from 5am to 11:30pm)

Favorite moment of the day: Riding home along the river around 10:30 last night. The weather was plesant, there were good tunes on the iPod (Lea DeLaria, Barbra Streisand, some Bright Lights, Big City and some Glee) and there were very few other people around. It was a very peaceful few minutes.

Week in the Life, Day 3I’ve been working out with kettlebells as part of my fitness program most of this year. I like how I can work out many muscle groups all at one time. I took the plunge to put some formality around the workouts and picked up the KettleWorx set of DVDs as well as a couple of kettlebells to have at home. I’m in the second week of the KettleWorx basic workout and I’m liking it a lot. It’s fast and seemingly effective. Having two kettlebells to work with is good. For two-handed exercises, I do most of the them with the 35-lb one. I drop down to the 10-lb for many of the one handed ones while I get stronger doing those. I imagine I’ll pick up a third at some point so there’s a weight in between these two. Best of all these are almost always available, at the gym the kettlebells are often locked up or the ones I need are in use. Using these is the happiest I’ve been with a weight workout in a long time.

As I ride around the city I end up often wondering what people are thinking. Case in point, coming home from the office around 6:15 I was riding west on 17th Street. As a cab and I were getting getting ready to cross 8th Avenue this woman looked at both of us and decided she was going to cross in front of us. Not only did she not have the right of way, but if either one of us hand’t  been paying attention she could’ve easily been hit. The funny thing was, she didn’t even run across the street, she moved at a normal pace. It was a very willful choice on her part to put herself at risk and disrupt the flow of the traffic. I wondered where she needed to go that she’d make the choice to be so reckless. I see these choices all the time on the streets. It’s a wonder more people don’t get hurt.

There were a string of tweets yesterday that made me positively giddy, courtesy of The LXD: “After the OSCARS, TED, 2 GLEE TOURS and 2 EPIC SEASONS of the HIT WEB SERIES…LXD returns… to So You Think You…” And, as if it wasn’t exciting enough that they’d be on SYTYCD came this “LXD SEASON 3: RISE OF THE DRIFTS trailer premieres TOMORROW with the date of release. Fight the future. Let’s go.” I’m sure I’ll be writing about the trailer tomorrow!

I love hanging out in Bryant Park. It’s a nice oasis in midtown. Sit down, people watch, enjoy some time outside. I should get there more often because it’s not good to sit in the office for 8, 9, 10 hours without taking a bit of a break. There’s also usually an event or two to look at–someone playing piano, concerts from Broadway shows, fencing lessons. Yesterday the pleasantness of the part was shattered…

Week in the Life, Day 3

The NFL and EA took over for an NFL Madden 2012 release event. I don’t know what the exact event was going to be, but as you see in the picture there was a scoreboard involved and then stage had the big banner back drop. They weren’t letting people on the lawn as they were doing all kinds of set up. It was very disruptive to the normal park experience.

Last night ended a month long fund-raising effort at Pieces as part of “The Will Clark Show featuring P*rno Bingo.” Braking the Cycle is benefiting a lot from “The Will Clark Show” this summer and I’ve been at Pieces every Wednesday this month with The Flying Goats, my cycling team, selling bingo cards and raffle tickets to raise money. Over the four weeks, we’ve raised (if I’m remembering it all correctly) around $4,500. Bars and crowds are not really my thing, but it’s worth it to get out and raise awareness and cash for this cause. Plus, as you might guess from the P*rno part of the title, some ridiculously hot guys have been on hand to call some bingo numbers… and that’s not a bad thing either.