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Well, here we are, roughly two weeks into the 90 day challenge. The weigh-in took place this morning and here are the results:

Day 1 – 166 pounds and 18.6% bf   Day 15 – 163 pounds and 17.6% bf

Not earth shattering numbers by any means, but still respectable. The numbers would’ve been more impressive if I’d have eaten a little bit more “clean”. For instance, Jeff and I indulged in pizza and cheesy breadsticks while watching SYTYCD last night. I know I can do better and I’m looking forward to the changes comming up in the the next fifteen days (next weigh-in will be at day 30).

Today was Chest day at the gym. I’ve increased the weight on several movements, so I’m happy with that.

If it seems that I’ve worked Chest a lot in the last fifteen days, well, it’s because I have. General health and well-being are great and all, but I’m a gay man. How I look in a t-shirt is what’s most important. Seriously… it’s really important.

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend.