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Saturday, July 30 (waking hours from 7am to 12:00 am)

Favorite moment of the day: The favorite moment was actually both a favorite and bittersweet. This morning was the final Saturday Ronnie’s Ice at Sky Rink. Ronnie’s Ice has been around some 20 years, including before Sky Rink before it moved to Chelsea Piers. Three weeks ago the news came that Ronnie resigned from his Sky Rink general manager position at the end of July and that this weekend would be the end of an era. I’ve gone to Ronnie’s Ice for around 9 years. As  best as I can recall, Laurie invited me in the late summer or early fall of 2002. I’d only started playing in adult league in the spring of 2002, so this newbie needed a lot of help. Ronnie’s Ice provided it and I went pretty consistently (I’d say I probably went 40-45 weeks out of any given year). This morning’s crowd was sizable as players and parents and alumni paid tribute to the man who made it all possible. There’ll be a larger blog post in the next day or so, but the event definitely deserves mention here.

It’s National Dance Day. Since I’m rhythmically challenged, I didn’t get my dance on today… but I hope some of you readers did!

It’s been one big hockey day, besides the Boxers game Friday night, I played for both the Boxers and Bombers Saturday. The Boxers got redemption from Friday night, and beat Tsunami 6-0. The Bombers had a short bench while taking on the Velocity team, currently in the #1 place in the division. Bombers played well, but still lost 4-1.

I got to play with Jonathan as my D partner in the Bombers game. I don’t get to play much with him since I left the Wizards a couple seasons ago. It was awesome to play with him and fall right back into our solid partnership.

The other fun part of the games was to hang out with Brian. We played the Boxers and Bombers games together and we hung out between games talking about a wild variety of topics–Elton John’s “Empty Garden,” the site, Silence! The Musical, Dirty Dancing, various hockey things, Adam’s obsession with the videophone and more. It was a very enjoyable hour between games.

Wonderful lunch with will at Southwest  NY this afternoon. It was just about the only time I had with him today, but we made the most of it getting some good food at one of our favorite restaurants. He’s such a fab husband, which I know I say a lot, but with all the hockey and weird hours, I crashed for a couple hours after lunch and when I got up it was time to leave again. He didn’t complain about me being out of the house or asleep most of the day…he’s good that way. Sunday, happily, we’ll have much more time together. Yay!