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It was a great night of hockey Saturday as the Boxers posted their biggest win to date while the Bombers played strong but came up short in the shootout.

The Boxers met up with the Billymarks and won the game 15 (or more)-2. Why the “or more”? Sky Rink stops posting the score after there’s a 10 point differential. So after the score was 11-1, the score stopped going on the board. I know there were at least three more goals and it might well be more. We’ll know for sure when the official score, counting all the goals, is posted in a few days.

Despite a short bench, we moved the puck very well and kept our energy going through the 45 minutes of play. It was truly some great teamwork.  I was mostly pleased with my play during the game. The two goals against did happen while I was on the ice. For the first one there wasn’t much I could do. In the second, if I’d gotten just a bit of puck control I could’ve possibly gotten it out from the melee in front of the net. I also shut down their most talented player a couple times, and that was a lot of fun.

Immediately after the Boxers came, I changed jerseys and hit the ice with the Bombers. This game, against NYCGHA rivals Spiders, was a blast. The team played great and we went through regulation and overtime at 0-0. We lost though, 1-0 in the shootout. The Spiders found the back of our net and we couldn’t get one past theirs.

This game did carry disappointment though. I made several offensive rushes and did get the puck past the goalie once. From my perspective, standing over the puck, it did cross (albeit barely) the goal line. The ref, however, had a different point-of-view. I admit I should’ve just poked it on back and been done with it. I certainly will next time since I’ve seen many times bad goal calls from Sky Rink refs who simply don’t get into position fast enough or don’t pay enough attention to what’s going on. That goal likely would’ve made the difference and given us a 1-0 win. I won’t but the fate into the refs and I want be as nice about jamming in around the goalie to finish it off.

Next week there’s a potential for a double header again as the Boxers and Bombers play back-to-back again.