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The Boxers came out strong last night against the Wild Turkeys. Just a few weeks ago we got soundly beaten by the Turkeys 7-1. This time out we got the W with a 9-5 score. The last couple games we’ve played so well as a unit. It’s been great to see a team gel so well in its first season.

Immediately after the Boxers game, I switched rinks to play for the Bombers. This game was going to be tough from the start because we had no goalie. The captain took the hit and stood in the net defending as best he could. Half way through the second one of the defensemen went in. We ended up with a score of 8-3. This is respectable score since we were playing a team hungry to lock its playoff spot and we made it significantly easier for them to score. That we kept the game from getting into a run-time situation (which happens once there is a more than 9 point deficit) is a testament to how well we were playing.

My game was disturbingly inconsistent in both games. There were moments that I was on the game pretty well and making good plays. Unfortunately there were others, and it felt like it was a good deal of the time, where I was making wrong choices or that I couldn’t execute the good choices I was making. As I posted about these game lapses on Facebook after the Boxers game, Brian came back with this response: “Lapses, schmapses – we got the W.” That’s true. However, I like to contribute a good game win or lose.

I’d like to think this problem might have been because of some tiredness since I did a 60 mile bike ride in the morning as part of the Braking the Cycle training. If that’s the case, next week will potentially be rough too since there’ll be another morning ride. For better or worse, it is the riding that take precedent right now since Braking the Cycle is less than a month away.

Next week is the close of the regular season. The Bombers wrap with two games and the Boxers with one. For the Boxers it is possible for us to get to the playoffs. We’ll see how that ends after all the games are played next week.