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I am exhausted.

And I probably should be since I rode the complete 105 miles today. No vans what so ever. I only got chased from one Oasis right at the end. I was on the course from about 6:30 to 6:30. What i do have at hand right now is the time it took me to complete today’s mileage or my average mile per hour, which I am very curious about. My bike computer, however, is still on my bike and that’s tucked away for the night. I’ll get that stat before I zero it out in the morning.

I’m very proud of myself for conquering the course like I did today. Proves all that training paid off.

The day did have issues. Early in the ride, between Oasis 2 and 3, my left knee rebeld. Chad told me at lunch, after he examined it, that I’ve tweaked the muscle the goes from kneecap andd goes diaganol over the quad. I’ve been taking advil and trying to be more careful with my form while peddling. I’ll be careful tomorrow to because I want to finish tomorrow.

I also somehow got my energy down to zero between Oasis 6 and 7. I got a bit shaky and sweaty. I pulled off and muched on the peanut butter crackers in my jersey. Kip also showed up with more protein and we kept rolling. I thought I’d been fueling well all day, but clearly I needed more. I’ll keep more of an eye on that tomorrow.

Now it’s time for sleep as tomorrow will be here all too soon (breakfast at 5:30 with route opening at 6:30). We end tommorrow at the Center at 5…come on down for a party!