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The #7 ranked Boxers had a great Saturday night as they beat the #2 Snowmen to advance to the next round of the Division 7B spring/summer playoffs. Particularly impressive in the 3-1 victory was the game played by goalie Mike.

Mike made numerous extremely impressive saves. He’d through himself on the puck to safe ground shots. He made a crazy number of glove saves while seemingly standing on his head sometimes. He also faced down a penalty shot. I think its safe to say he was the MVP of the game.

Which is not to say the rest of the team didn’t also play spectacululary. There was solid back checking, great work on the points and some spot-on defensive play. Yes, there were lapses here in there in the play, but to me it was one of the best, if not the best, Boxers games this season. Luckily when there were lapses, we had MVP Mike in the net to take care of business.

My game was okay last night. On the extremely positive side, I scored the game’s opening goal with a wrist shot from the blue line. This is my fist goal for the Boxers and it came at the perfect time. I had some decent defense going as well, especially with the poke check that worked really well. The mixed part of the game really revolved around my air intake and the humidity. It took a bit for my inhaler to kick in. We had six D last night, so I was able to keep the shifts short and pretty effective while I was out there.

Next week we head in to round 2, which I’ve heard is against the Sled Dogs.