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It’s a new season! I’m back for a second season with the Boxers after a one week off season, which followed our second round exit from the Spring/Summer playoffs. I’m also on a new D8 team this season as the Tigers folded (much sadness about that) so now I’m a Polar Bear.

The Boxers opened this season as we did the last one, playing against the Blizzard. We were spilt in our games last season, losing the first by a considerable margin and then winning the second. This time out we lost, although it was a much closer game…only 5-3.

I do love playing on this team. I said it a lot last season, and that continues to be true. We played an outstanding game tonight. We moved the puck well, we were in their zone a lot, we had shots. We also haven’t faced a team that had their skill before either. Their first line had some skilled cyclers and you don’t find that much in our division. It was difficult to deal with and that, combined with at least one lucky bounce pulled them ahead. We kept right on attacking though, but the win just wasn’t ours tonight. I was pleased with my play here tonight, mostly making the right choices and when I didn’t I at least got backup from my D partner and the goalie.

Immediately afterwards, I went to the other rink and played for the Polar Bears, which won their season opener 5-4 against their NYCGHA rivals the Hotshots. This was also a bit of a Boxers vs. Boxers game as both teams had alts from the Boxers on their benches tonight. This was a fun game, although I played a little choppier. One goal in particular, I just have just stepped up and stopped the Hotshots center (and my Boxers teammate, Mike), but I let him deke me out and he scored. I got caught a couple other times trying to control the puck a little too long, but I was able to recover those. Plus I picked up an assist on a goal, which is always excellent.

I am sad the Tigers are gone, or at least gone for the moment. I’ve played every fall on the Tigers since I started playing in 2002, so I am slightly at a loss not playing in orange. On the other hand, since the Polar Bears wear white, it was a good excuse to bring out my Alabama Frozen Tide jersey to play in a game. Frozen Tide…Polar Bears… it works.

Meanwhile, in other hockey news, I’ve started writing for Craig and Doug, fans of the Washington Capitals (I try not to fault them for that too much), started the blog last year to put the gay spin on the Caps. The tagline for the site is “For boys who like boys who like hockey.”

They reached out to me via Twitter during the summer to ask if I knew anyone who might like to cover the Rangers and the Islanders. Well, I threw my hat into the ring to cover the Red Wings and passed them some other people too (Brian covers the Flyers, Mike and Adam have been featured as they try to get a Pittsburgh GHA going…and hopefully they’ll write Penguins stuff too). Craig and Doug have recruited some great guys, and we’re having a great time talking in the Twitterverse too.

You can check out my first couple pieces–one on Winnipeg’s Jerseys (I know, not the Red Wings, but I wanted to say something about those jerseys) and an article that introduces me. Later this week there’ll be a diatribe on the opening of Detroit’s season too.

I’m having a great time writing for them…very glad they invited me to the party. Keep an eye on them this season, along with the rest of the contributors. I think you’ll be entertained and enlightened.