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Polar Bears put up a solid game for the second outing of the season. Unfortunately, the Scapegoats had a better one and beat us 5-4.

While we did have a one point lead going into the third, they managed to get two goals close together to make the score 4-3. We pulled the goalie with just over a minute to go and while we were buzzing in the offensive zone we had an ill timed loss of the puck that resulted in an empty net goal. Interestingly with 18 second to go we took the faceoff at center ice, drove back into their zone and ended up scoring at the buzzer. It was still a loss, but it was great to pull within one again.

Defensively, it felt like a good game last night. Only one goal was scored while I was out. It was an unfortunate goal. I thought the goalie had the puck, but on of the opposition got it, possibly from under her, and dropped it in. From my position, I couldn’t get to him to stop it effectively either. I picked up the first injury of the season as well. Working along the boards in our defensive zone in an effort to keep the puck clear, I ended up getting a stick jammed into my stomach, just below my chest protector. That hurt, kept me benched for a couple shifts while I recovered a bit. It still stings this morning and it’ll become quite the bruise over the next few days I’m sure.

Next week is a off week for both the Boxers and Polar Bears, which is unfortunate. At least November has a decent playing schedule.

Meanwhile, one quick item on NHL games. The Detroit Red Wings vs. Washington Capitals game last night was an utter disaster. Both teams went into the game with a perfect record so far and Detroit came out the loser. And they didn’t just lose, they lost big. The Caps won 7-1. It was an ugly game to watch as the Caps took advantage of seemingly ever error Detroit made. The Red Wings, meanwhile, couldn’t do the same. Hopefully the boys in red will quickly put this game behind them and get back to their pre-season awesomeness.