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The new year kicked off in a couple awesome ways.

First off, on Wednesday, I made a new sale of the rights for the short story that appeared in Nerdvana back in 2009. The Adventures of Jake #1 will come out later this year as a stand-alone e-book short story from JMS Books. I’m excited that the story gets a new life. I’m also looking forward to working with J.M., whose books I’ve enjoyed for a while now. More details on the publishing date will show up here and over at

Then on Friday I found out that I won a print from Michael Breyette. Will and I love Michael’s work. We’ve picked up pieces of his during out trips to Provincetown. We pick up his calendars each year. During December I entered his monthly contest where all you have to do is leave a comment about the month’s featured work. In December it was for this piece, titled Rapture. I’ve liked this work since I first saw it last year so I’m excited that a signed and numbered print is on its way for our collection.

There are 51 more weeks to come in 2012. Hopefully Will and I can make those as great as this first one has been.