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The Boxers posted a loss of 3-2 against Rampaging Moose last night (which has us at 3-6 for the season with 7 games to go in the season). The game started poorly, but we did improve as the game went on. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the game tied up to get into overtime.

Early in the game it seemed like we suffered from a lack of discipline. We were taking some unneeded penalties and we spent too much time chasing the other team rather than trying to control the game. Luckily captain Alex got us settled down early in the second and we were able to get back to playing more of our game. That helped us get two goals on the board. Unfortunately we couldn’t answer the third goal before time ran out.

My game play was mixed last night, although response from the bench was that I was having a good game. There were,  however, some distinct moments where I didn’t execute what I wanted to, or I made a bad choice about what to do. I did have a hand in a allowing the first goal the Moose scored (although to his credit, Josh did make some good moves and had a great shot to get that goal…so good for him). There was a lot that went well too and I love that Jonathan and I solidify our D partnership more and more every week. We had several key moments where, because we know exactly what each other do on the ice, that we ended up in the right place to make some good D plays.

Meanwhile, in other hockey news, Alabama’s Frozen Tide finished up their regular season last night with the second of a two game stand against Arkansas. Unfortunately, those two games were both losers and, in some odd twist, they lost last night with the same score the Boxers did, 3-2. Those losses kept the Tide from finishing on top of the SEC East, but there’s no doubt the team had an outstanding season with an 8-2 record in SEC play. The Frozen Tide will play in a SEC Quarterfinal match on Friday, February 24 against the #3 team from the SEC West (who that will be is undecided, but it’s either Georgia or Vanderbilt). I’ll be keeping a close eye on this via Twitter since I can’t make it to Huntsville to see it in person. You can see how the seeding ends up over at the SEC Collegiate Hockey site.