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It was excellent picking up a Boxers win last night, winning over the Tsunami 6-3. It was a solid win for us after a few losses. It was a game that I think we played the best cohesive, team focused game in a while. It was against a tough opponent too as the Tsunami have several strong players.

I felt good in this game with some good defensive work. I did end up in the box once for roughing last night, but it was a good penalty to get rather than let one of the opposition take a shot from the slot. Other than that, it was a clean game for me, that even included a couple of offensive rushes that, sadly, I couldn’t convert.

The Hotshots game was also a good time, except towards the end where it fell apart. I subbed in here because the team was short and I was wanting a second game that came directly after the Boxers match. I got to play D with Brian and Jonathan, which I enjoy doing. Sadly the Hotshots gave up a 3-0 lead to lose 4-3 in a shootout. Through a horrible bit of decision making on my part, I allowed the tie-up goal to happen when I made a poorly timed change during a Sled Dogs power play. I can’t remember the last time I did something as stupid as that. To that point I’d been having a good game.

This coming week the Boxers have a strangely scheduled Wednesday game. Next Saturday it looks like there won’t be any hockey as Boxers and Polar Bears are off (unless I can pick up a sub opportunity somewhere).