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It was a great Boxers game last night as we took on the #1 ranked Thundercats and beat them 5-4 in regulation play. We’ve now won three in a row, bringing our record to  6-7 for the season.

It was an exciting game in which we worked our way back from behind to take the lead in the third period. The Thundercats tied it up with about 70 seconds left. We broke the tie with 30 seconds to go and held a strong defense that prevented the Thundercats from pushing the game into overtime.

Despite the fact that I was on the ice for three of the goals against, it was a pretty good game for me. For those three goals, I’m not sure what I could’ve done differently to prevent them. Beyond that I made good decisions that helped break up plays. Some of them were possibly more risky than they should’ve been, but they paid off. In particular I did a reasonably good job of keeping the puck in our offensive zone… and when that failed I had good defense behind me to catch what I let out. To that end, it was a very good team game across the board because we were often all in the places we needed to be to support each other.

A game I didn’t write about took place 10 days before when we had a odd Wednesday game where we met up with the Sled Dogs and dispatched them 8-5. This was a difficult game for me, coming just days after the Hotshots game where I cost the team the game thanks to some poor decision making. I have to admit to being completely in my head for this game, which resulted in some very conservative game play. Luckily it worked out okay because we won by a solid margin and I shook off that “in my head” feeling during this week’s game.

Next week we’ve got another oddly scheduled game–Thursday at 11:30pm, which I will sit out because that late during the work is not doable. Our next Saturday game on March 31.