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In our third outing against the Tsunami, the Boxers lost 4-1… or as a teammate put it after the game… we were washed away.

We just couldn’t get too much up on the board. For the majority of the game, we seemed in the fight even though our only goal didn’t come until very late in the third period. It’s true there were some moments where players seem to coast on the ice, but for the most part it felt like we were totally in the game and battling for puck control.

I think I did my job in the game. I was only on ice for one goal, which game at the hands of a former Ordinals teammate. He’s a big guy and, despite being right on him, I couldn’t shake him off the puck. Other than that, I was good at shutting down a couple of their top players, especially one #17 who I managed to strip the puck off of 3 or 4 times (this is very good because the guy can shoot very well if he gets the chance to do so).

We’ve got one more game for the season, coming up in two weeks since we get Easter weekend off. We’re currently #5 in the division out of eight teams. I haven’t heard if four or six teams are going to make it into the playoffs so I’m not sure where we stand in terms of getting in. The team ahead of us has six points more than us, so it’s clear we won’t be making it to fourth place. But if six teams go we should be in for the first round.