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The Fall/Winter hockey season wrapped up last night with the final regular season games for both the Boxers and Polar Bears.

The Boxers took on the Blizzard in a very close game that we ended up losing 3-2 in regulation play. It was a pretty good back and forth game against one of the top teams in our division. We gave a very good go and trying to push it into overtime, but it just didn’t happen.

I delivered a good game last night, likely my best of the season. The vast majority of my choices were correct. My clearing and passes did what I wanted and I even got in an offensive rush or two. Sadly I was on ice for two of the three goals. For the first I feel like I could’ve done more to prevent it. The second, however, I don’t think there was more I could do… I made my stand, the guy got around me proceeded to get through the other D and the goalie. It was great, however, to end the season feeling like I made a sound contribution to the evening.

Right after that game, I joined the Polar Bears for their season ender against Velocity Sports. Velocity is typically a very strong team, but the Bears had their number last night and won with a 3-0 shut out. It was a great game all the way around with the Bears playing smart and everything clicking well. In this game too I felt I played good. I loved my offensive rush that seemed to catch them off guard, which allowed me to get in behind their D. Unfortunately their goalie saw exactly what was going on and I didn’t manage to get my own rebound, but it was still a good go.

Word is the spring/summer season starts on the 28th. I’ll for sure be back with the Boxers. The D8 situation is still up in there air at the moment, but I know I’ll be on some team as an alternate.