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The 2012 Spring Season kicked off for both of my teams last night… and both ended in victory!

The Boxers opened against the Honey Badgers and beat them 4-1. We came out blazing for our third season and for the first time we won the opening game. The team looked good last night. Of course, we didn’t have too much time to get rusty either since the off-season was all of a week (in the fall/winter there’d be times we’d be off for two weeks between regular season games). We had a pretty good passing game going and a lot of time in the offensive zone.

Next up, the NYCGHA’s new D8 team, the Westies, made their debut against the Blizzard. For this game the final score was 5-4 and was decided in a shootout. It looks like this new team will do well this season as the opening game was pretty solid even though the players haven’t all played together as a team (although various combinations of us have). It’s going to be fun watching this team grow over the season. I’m only an alternate on this team, but hopefully I’ll get plenty of ice time with them.

So, how did I play last night? Well, it was kind of weird. I played with Jonathan in both games, which is great because I like having him as my D partner. We’ve played long enough together we know what the other is going to do. We did well in the Boxers game. The lone goal against was scored on us and it was one I don’t think we could’ve stopped. Through the Boxers game I felt I was making good decisions and executing on them well. The Westies game was a different story. The first two periods were good, but in the third Jonathan and I both fell apart, letting three goals against rack up in a very short time (I can’t remember if we weren’t responsible for the fourth one or not as those three in a row are burned in my brain). Those three were scored by the same duo coming at us. I’m told by those on the bench that we were letting them trap us into not blocking up the passing lanes enough. Luckily we pulled it together in the end of third and in OT to not let the Blizzard win. It was scary and I hope neither Jonathan or I have this issue again.

On the other side of the Blizzard game, after the game got tied up I did make an offensive rush that was quite nice. I took it down ice, got mostly behind the D and made a shot that just grazed the post. Couple inches to the right and it would’ve been in and that would’ve been awesome. I mention this simply because my shots don’t usually skim the edge quite like that…it’s more usually on net/at the goalie or quite wide. It was thrilling to watch it come so close.

A milestone anniversary was achieved last night. It was spring 2002 that I began playing on a team, fresh out of hockey prep. So I’ve been at this for 10 years now… and still having a great time. It’s great to consider all the great people I’ve gotten to know playing this game. Happy Anniversary to me!