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The Boxers have opened the spring season strong, notching a second win in the second game of the season. Last night we shut out the Wizards with a score of 8-0.

Last night’s game was the Boxers at their best. The positional play. The way we moved the puck. The way we changed positions to back each other up. It was thrilling to watch from the bench and thrilling to be a part of when on the ice. Hopefully this is the start of our best season to date. It’s certainly started out better than our first two seasons.

I was nervous as we started out last night with the memory of the bad ending from the prior weeks’ Westies game. Luckily Jonathan and I were more solid. Not only did we back each other up, but we got excellent back up from the forwards we were on ice with (all the D got great support across all lines last night). That back up helped me shake off some of the nerves, at least while I was on the ice… I was still thinking about it too much when I was on the bench. And while there were mistakes made on my part last night, none of them were catastrophic. Luckily the mistakes were outweighed by what felt like solid play the majority of the time.

I don’t know yet if we play next week as the rink hasn’t posted the schedule yet. Hopefully we do so we can continue to work on the teamwork we’ve got going so far this season.