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The oddity that can be the Sky Rink schedule saw the Boxers against the Wizards for the second time in as many weeks. Like the previous week, we came out ahead on the scoreboard–winning 6-1.

While the Wizards had a short bench, they did have some of their best players on the ice and we managed to keep control of the game. The sole point they got was on a penalty shot that got called while Bill and I were working to shut down their biggest threat. I actually thing the entire call may have been on me, and I wish it had been a regular penalty rather than giving the guy the penalty shot. I’d do it over again because it was important to work to try to keep the shutout and that meant the guy wasn’t going to walk into our offensive zone unchallenged.

I did pick up a roughing penalty during the game as well. That didn’t affect the Boxers at all, in fact we scored twice during the two minutes we were short handed. It was awesome to see the team step up like that while I was hanging out in the box.

This game wasn’t quite as solid as last week’s. We seemed to get a bit sloppy and not as energized during the second period. Luckily we pulled out of that in third so we could keep our hold on the game. I did have one offensive rush during the game. There was a moment that a puck was just sitting in the neutral zone and I took it and ran, going into the zone and firing off a shot that got deflected off the goalie stick. I played forward a bit longer too, staying in front of the net in case another shot came in.

We’re now 3-0 for the season and on top of the D7B rankings. Next week the Blizzard and Thundercats will begin their play for the season now that they’ve finished the championship series for the previous season so all seven teams will be active in this season.

Next week, Boxers meet up with Tsunami. I’ll be out of that game since the American Ballet Theatre’s spring season begins at the Met. I’ll be engrossed in Giselle while the Boxers do battle. I do, however, look forward to hearing about a winning outcome for us.