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It was great to be back with the Boxers last night. With the American Ballet Theatre spring season in full swing at the Met, I haven’t played with the team since May 19, missing three games in favor of watching some incredible dancing. Yesterday the game was at four, allowing me to be with the team and make the performance at eight.

While it was an intense effort last night, which had us scoring first, we ended up with a 2-1 loss against the Thundercats. That has the Boxers currently with a 5-2 record, which is quite respectable for being nearly half way through the season.

It was a bittersweet game too because it was Leif’s last game with us as he is preparing to move to California. I met Lief a few years ago when he joined the NYCGHA and played on the Tigers. We both started on the Boxers when that team started up. He is a great player and a great person. I will definitely miss him and his presence, which was always happy and calm.

In the game itself, I was pleased with my playing, which I was a little conceded about since I hadn’t played since Chelsea Challenge two weeks before. Everything fell into place though. Jonathan and I, teamed up on D as usual, played a good game. I like how easily he and I have played together long enough to just know what the other is doing and our teamwork seems to solidify more and more each game. We did have one major lapse last night where I got stuck trying to defend against a 2-on-1 and failed. I don’t know what I could’ve done different–I covered the guy who could’ve received a pass and let the goalie take the puck carrier, who ultimately shot and scored. Sometimes these things just happen.

I picked up a couple injuries last night, both blocking shots from #77. The first was a close range shot that I took in the front of my skate, right along the laces. It hurt, but it did block the shot. It’s swollen still this morning, although it moves pretty well, and I’ll continue to ice it on and off through the day. The other was a snapshot sent into our zone from the other side of the blueline, which went into my right quad. The padding in my pants deflected some of the pain, but there’s still a lovely reddish/purple mark there. All this while I still have a fading bruise from a snapshot I got in the back of my left leg during the Challenge.

Next week I miss the game for the final ballet of the season. After that though I should be on the ice for the rest of the season.