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It was a hard working hockey night yesterday with back-to-back games played in rinks where the air was heavy, warm and wet like a sauna.

The night started with a Westies game that ended in a 6-3 loss against the Scapegoats. They are always a strong team and they certainly displayed that last night. I did not play this game well. I’m not sure what was going on, but it seemed the majority of the time I was not making the right decisions. Sometimes the errors were recoverable, sometimes they weren’t. It was frustrating putting such a rough game out.

Luckily things improved with the Boxers game. The first half was rough overall as we were down 3-0. We turned it around though and got the game tied up in the third. We ended up making the winning goal with seven second to go in the five minute 4-on-4 overtime. It was a sweet victory against the Rampaging Moose, a tough team.

This game felt a lot better as I made better choices and executed what needed to be done. There were successful poke checks, good puck clears and some passes that I was really proud of. I even worked in a offensive rush that I turned around and played defense on (that was an exhausting round trip on the ice from defensive zone to offensive and back again). It was a great game of team work too. The Boxers didn’t get down with the deficit. We were short-benched but dug down and found the game we needed to play to get a win. We’re 7-2 for the season now and, if I’m doing the math right, I believe that puts us currently in first place.

Westies get two games next week with a Friday/Saturday double header. Hopefully I’ll get called in as an alt to one or both of those games. Meanwhile, the Boxers are off next week but return the following week with a Friday/Saturday double header all their own.