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So You Think You Can DanceAfter the weeks of auditions, Vegas call backs and the ultimate selection of the top 20, season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance competition kicked off last night. It was a spectacular opening too with a group number that used the top 20, choreogrpahers (I saw Travis and Jason for sure), Mary and Nigel, some all stars and even Herb Alpert. It was a incredible number put together by Tabitha and Napoleon.

SYTYCD Season 10 Top 20

Here are my top three from last night’s ten dances:

Fik-shun & Amy Contemporary choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
The last dance of the night was the best and most surprising. I’ve been a fan of Fik-shun since auditions. He’s more than a hip-hopper but last night he showed how much more as he nailed this piece from Sonya. Amy was a powerhouse in this number and Fik-shun more than kept up with her. Their chemistry and performance were extraordinary.

Alan & Jasmine M Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall
This intricate, romantic piece was made all the more impressive by the fact they had to do it blindfolded. These two were perfect performing Travis complex choreography giving us some beautiful moments.

Aaron & Jasmine H Jazz by Sonya Tayeh
First, Aaron is my crush for this season. Everything about him is hot! He certainly showed off in this amazing jazz number, moving his tall body in such graceful yet powerful ways. Jasmine was spectacular, especially her leg work. These two were stunning and will be a great couple to watch as the weeks go on.

And now for the bottom two from last night:

Paul & Makenzie Viennese Waltz choreographed by Jason Gilkison
These two didn’t have the flow or chemistry going for a Viennese Waltz. I love a good Viennese Waltz and this just didn’t do it for me.

Blueprint and Brittany Afro Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheeseman
This was bland. Afro jazz is usually so alive and vibrant and this seemed too labored, especially for Blueprint. I hope to see something better from these two next week.

Here’s what I thought of the other performances of the night (in the order they were performed):

Carlos & Mariah Jive choreographed by Jason Gilkison
This was a great number to start the competition with. Mariah was amazing. This girl is a krumper and she was doing great jive moves. I loved it!

Jade & Malece Jazz choreographed by Travis Wall
Executionally these two were great, but I couldn’t find their chemistry and that held this number back. Jade, an animator, was outstanding with his partnering.

Tucker & Jenna Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio
I loved the chemistry between Tucker and Jenna, but the number fell flat for me. It looked like they kept their dancing constricted. It could’ve been so much bigger, which the dance really needed to be more Broadway-esque. It was like they were holding something back.

Nico & Alexis Hip Hop choreographed by Christopher Scott
This was cute, but it wasn’t meant to be. These two had no swag, but the number was still engaging.

Curtis & Hayley Hip Hop choreographed by Christopher Scott These two had swag and tons of it. The only issue I had here is that Curtis, a tap dancer, seemed to break the flow of the piece occasionally, as if he was waiting for the next count to move on.

Next week the eliminations begin…

Based on what I’ve seen so far, my predictions for top four are this: Fik-shun and Nico (and my alternates are Aaron and Jade) for the guys and Jasmine H and Amy (alternates Jasmine M and Mariah) for the girls.