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Hat TrickI got a letter — yes, an actual handwritten letter, which was awesome since those don’t happen much anymore — yesterday from a friend of my mom’s. They were friends, neighbors and co-workers for a number of years. She was a good friend, and a lot of help, to me too as I worked to take care of mom’s estate over the past year. We had dinner when I was in Alabama last October and she mentioned that she’d heard that I’d published a book. We talked about that for a few minutes. For a number of reasons, I couldn’t imagine she’d pick up a book about two high school hockey players who ended up boyfriends.

I was wrong.

The letter was to tell me that she’d read Hat Trick. It’s one of the sweetest, and touching, reviews I’ve received. I’d like to share her words: “Wanted to let you know that I’d read your book. At first, the language and sexual descriptions where a lot for me. But, as I got into the book, I really enjoyed your book. I was wishing for a sequel. After all, it was written for young people not an old lady. I think it can be a real blessing to a lot of young people.”

I’ve already written a letter back (although mine was typed since a handwritten letter from me would be close to illegible) to thank her for the kind words and to let her know how much they meant.

Coming just a few days before the one year anniversary of my mom’s passing, it brought up some nice memories of  having dinner with her and my mom when I was visiting too. So that was an extra bonus.