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One word: Perfect!

There’s always the danger that a book transitions to film and gets completely messed up. Not the case with The Fault in Our Stars. I can’t imagine anyone but Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort starring in this movie. Woodley captured Hazel Grace in sublime detail, finding a the balance between strong and fragile. Elgort’s Gus was such a breath of fresh air in her life with so much energy and excitement, and ultimately selflessness. Watching them fall for each other was as magical as it was reading it in the book. Nat Wolff’s Isaac wasn’t in the film as much as I thought he should be (although maybe he wasn’t in the book much either… it’s been just over a year since I read it and maybe I’ve forgotten some of it), but Isaac provided great comic relief even as he faced his own problems.

It’s obvious the film was made with great respect for the story John Green created. Right down to the soundtrack, it was the perfect package.

Yes, I had some ugly crying. Yes, I laughed. Yes, it was everything it needed to be.

Okay? Okay.