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abt-2014-playbillThis week, American Ballet Theatre has performed the company premiere of Frederick Ashton’s Cinderella. We saw ABT’s previous production of the ballet in 2011 and enjoyed it. This version, originally presented in 1948, was beautiful and everything you could want in a Cinderella.

Gillian Murphy was incredible as Cinderella. Ashton’s choreography calls for a lot of pointe work from Cinderella and Murphy was exquisite in the complex steps. From her first solo in act one as she mourns her mother, to the pas de deux at the ball with her prince, she was sublime.

Speaking of the Prince, David Hallberg was perfect. He had the right princely demeanor, and then when he spotted Cinderella you knew he fell for her completely. As with Murphy, it was the work in the pas de deux that was the centerpiece of the evening.


Stella Abrera, as the Fairy Godmother, along with the dancers that were the fairies and stars were were beautiful in act one as they conjured the magic to transform Cinderella. Craig Salstein and Roman Zhurbin in the role of the stepsisters were a riot. The production utilizes the art of pantomime, which has males in the stepsister roles. Salstein and Zhurbin were hilarious. One was shy, one was outgoing and they both picked on each other relentlessly. They were awesome.


It was another wonderful evening at the ballet.

Coming up, Will sees Giselle this Wednesday and together we see Swan Lake on the 28th.