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I snapped up a t-shirt with the great logo.

I spent part of the afternoon today at Humboldt Pride. It’s the first pride I’ve been to here since 1998 and it was great to see how much the event has grown from a parade that lasted about five minutes (Arcata, 1998) to an event with a slightly longer parade (about 10 minutes, which I missed) and a festival that runs for five hours.

It was a beautiful day for Pride. The sun was out, the fog was out to sea (though visible to the West). It was great to see so many people out for the festival, a number of business supporting it and just the general all around awesome vibe. I enjoyed hanging out with good friend Clint as well (I don’t know why we didn’t snap a selfie of some kind!?!). We strolled around for a couple hours looking at everything and talking to people.

Here are some of the pictures I snapped.

welcome center

The Welcome Center

timecurve sign

Excellent, ponderful sign.

USS Enterprise kinetic sculpture

awesome pants

Goorvy pants! The crowd wasn’t as eclectically dressed as an NYC parade, but there were flashes of style, and, sometimes, skin


A kayak event was also happening today…