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Dance Dance Wednesday

This week’s performance is from the current season of Dancing with the Stars. Noah Galloway isn’t the first amputee DWTS has featured, Heather Mills and Amy Purdy preceded him. He is the first, however, to come on the show with a leg that can’t bend since he lost his left leg above the knee and no left arm. For week three, Sharna and Noah got the Argentine Tango, one of my most favorite dances. Sharna put together an incredible routine, that frankly I thought should’ve been scored higher than the 7s and 8s he got. Noah told People magazine: “The judges said the male leads with his left hand, and they were talking about how amazing it was how we put everything together, and that’s all Sharna. She designs the dances so I won’t have to lead with the left arm, but I am still leading the dance.”

Noah’s already become one of my all-time favorite DWTS contestants. I love the attitude that he attacks the dances with and the partnership he and Sharna have yields beautiful dances.