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Dance Dance Wednesday

At the end of May, The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (aka The LXD) celebrated their fifth anniversary with an outdoor screening of its first season along with a dance party held in conjunction with the LA Film Festival. I wish I could’ve been there. Over three amazing seasons, The LXD was a must-watch series for me as it unfolded an intricate story of dance superheroes and villains. Some of the LXD stars included Harry Shum Jr., Christopher Scott, Twitch, Madd Chadd and others recognizable from So You Think You Can Dance and Step Up movies.

As a belated celebration of its fifth anniversary, here’s the very first episode: “The Tale of Trevor Drift.”

You can watch two complete seasons of the LXD saga on YouTube via DS2DIO: The Uprising Begins and The Rise of the Drifts.

To further celebrate the fifth anniversary, someone needs to put this entire series on Blu-Ray!