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Dance Dance Wednesday

This week’s So You Think You Can Dance was mediocre at best (and I’m glad Jason and Nigel called out some of the less-than-stellar performances for what they were). Yet, it was hard to select an absolute favorite dance this week because the three that were good were off the charts outstanding. After consideration, I had to go with the group number Sonya Tayeh created for the Team Stage group number. This hauntingly beautiful piece reminded me of a portion of Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations,” specifically the “Fix Me, Jesus” segment. Sonya provided excellent choreography and the dancers, including All-Star Robert who filled in for an injured Jim, were outstanding.

You can see the other two dances at the top of my list this week my YouTube playlist. There’s another Sony Tayeh jazz piece featuring Jim and Yorelis, as well as a stunning Stacey Tookey contemporary number with Neptune and Gaby.

Four dancers were eliminated last night, so next week we get down to the nitty gritty as the top 10 launch into the final portion of the competition.