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Dance Dance Wednesday

So You Think You Can Dance roared back from a mediocre episode with one that was pretty epic. The All Stars were on deck this week, and that kicked everything up a notch. Plus, SYTYCD made use of Fox’s megahit Empire as the required music for everyone’s solos this week. It was tough picking a favorite this week, but after much consideration I must proclaim that Virgil and Comfort’s Christopher Scott choreographed Hip Hop routine is tops. It’s so sweet, sexy, rhythmic and smooth that it’s perfect and I can’t get it out of my head.

There are two runnersup for best dance this week: Edson & Jamie’s contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall and Dee Caspary’s contemporary number for Jim & Jessica. You can see those, plus ten other clips in this week’s “Best of” YouTube playlist.

Couple of disappointments from the night: 1) Edson get eliminated sucked, especially after he did his Travis Wall piece this week. I understand it because his dance was one of the weaker ones last week, but overall he’s better than Derek (plus it means the hot guy on the show is gone). 2) Wasting Alex on Jaja on Bollywood. I’m no fan of Bollywood on this show as I think it’s overdone and with only one choreographer doing it, it’s usually derivative. While Alex and Jaja did a fine job, I would’ve rather seen them challenged in some other way.