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Dance Dance Wednesday

It’s the dance I’ve waited for since the Top 10 started and Alex was among the all stars. In last night’s finale, one of the new dances was choreographed by newly minted Emmy Winner Travis Wall for the ballet guys Jim and Alex. It was exquisite.

You can check out the other original-for-the-finale dances that I liked in this week’s playlist.

As for the winner… I’m okay, but not thrilled, that Gaby won. Yes, she was in my top four picks all along. However, she was outdanced by Virgil and Jaja all season long. How one of those two didn’t come away with the win is a surprise. Of course, the even bigger surprise is that Hailee beat out Jim for a spot in the top four, so it’s clear I really don’t understand what the voters are up to.

There was no word in the finale if there’ll be a season 13 next summer. If there is, I know I’ll be in front of the TV for it.