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JimmyEp1I found Jimmy’s Erotic Adventure In Time And Space Continuum Episode 1 last week because Perie Wolford was on Prism Book Alliance as part of the blog tour for this release. I was intrigued by the idea of a serialized story that seemed to harken (at least a little bit) back to pulp fiction. That it was illustrated was also an attraction because you don’t find that much in m/m romance. In fact, I don’t recall a book I’ve read, outside of some YA, that featured any sort of drawings.

The story is super sweet.

Jimmy, a time traveller, is chasing down clues left to him by his father. The hunt brings him into the 1870s where he’s captured by old west outlaws. He escapes and initially takes young Kit hostage to help him get to the nearest village. Kit has been watching Jimmy though because he’s never seen anyone as handsome. As the two move towards friendship on their journey, they have to face they may want more out of their encounter.

I enjoyed this quick read. The world building was quick and understandable. I feel like I know how and why time travel works in this place without getting just an info dump. Jimmy and Kit’s evolving relationship was adorable. And the resolution of the issues in this book were amusingly awesome. The illustrations were great too and fit right in with the tone of the book. For the ebook they’re all in the back, which avoids formatting issues in the ebook. I’d love to pickup a paperback sometime and see if they’re inline with the story because that would be even cooler.

Episode one definitely whetted my appetite for more in this series.