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UnstableStudLGI fell in love fast with Ariel Tachna’s Unstable Stud

Luke is a young stable hand working at Bywater Farm. He’s one of the only people King of Hearts trusts in the aftermath of a fall that killed his rider 18 months earlier. King’s owner, Clay Hunter lost is lover that day too. Neither the horse or the man has been the same since. Luke, however, is a ray of sunshine for both of them.

King immediately takes to Luke  and Luke goes from mucking King’s stall to training with the horse. Meanwhile, Clay sees not only the building relationship between King and Luke, but wonders if he can love again, too. But when Luke falls during a training session, Clay isn’t sure he can let himself love someone who might succumb to the same fate he’d witnessed before.

The slow build between Luke and Clay was so perfect. Each of these men has different baggage and they’re respectful of that while still going for what they want. I enjoyed Luke building his relationship with both horse and man and appreciate the care that Ariel took to make sure both parts of the story were fully told.

This is the first book in the Lexington Lovers series within Dreamspun Desires. I’m already looking forward to what Ariel’s going to do in this world next.