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I don’t usually jump into the middle of series, but I’ve been wanting to try the Skyler Foxe Mysteries series for a while and I needed an audio book that ran about four hours so I went directly to Foxe Den. It was even better that it was a holiday collection since it fit the time of the year.

I absolutely loved these stories that cover Thanksgiving through New Year’s as Skyler deals with his commitment issues as he and his boyfriend Keith look at taking their relationship to the next level. Keith is ready to dive in, including moving in, and Skyler just isn’t sure. He loves Keith, but isn’t sure he’s the one.

Over four holidays: Thanksgiving, TE Day (Skyler’s Thanksgiving for his friends), Christmas and New Years, Skyler and Keith go through all the motions around saying “I love you,” deciding to move in, how to manage when one’s a slob and one’s not, how to accept help and support from someone else even if your used to managing on your own.

I loved Skyler and I’m looking forward to going back to book one and seeing him from the beginning of the series (Foxe Den is #3.5). In this book there’s only a glimpse of Skyler as school teacher and not amateur sleuth, and it’ll be interesting to see him in that light since I don’t usually read mystery. Keith was an incredible boyfriend–totally patient, aware of his flaws that might be causing trouble and committed to Skyler to the point he’s willing to walk away if necessary.

Following these guys across the holidays was fun. In particular I liked that they both had to meet the other’s parents. That’s always stressful and these two handled it well with just a touch of freak out and a good bit of good humor.

From an audiobook standpoint, Joel Leslie’s narration was spot on. Skyler’s youthful exuberance was great and Keith’s more guarded optimism also shined through. He captured everything from the sexy bedroom times to serious boyfriend discussions perfectly.

This book works just fine as a standalone for readers who may want to jump in like I did. In the new year, I’ll definitely be back to this series for more of Skyler’s adventures.

NOTE: I received a free ebook for an honest review for Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast.