Brrrr… We’ve gone from near 70 on Thanksgiving day (which, of course, was great weather for the parade) to the current temperature of 26 with a wind chill of 19. I like the cold just fine, but I’m not a fan of the harsh wind chill. At least the sun is out though. It’s been gloomy/cloudy a lot lately so it’s nice to see such a bright blue sky.

T-Day Wrap Up: Thanksgiving was really nice. As you might have read below already, the parade was a lot of fun this year; especially because I had a great viewing perch about the crowds. During that afternoon, Will and I watched Hairspray on DVD, which was great! It’s one of my favorite movies from the summer. The DVD is on my Christmas list so I can visit Baltimore anytime I want. That evening we went to AJs for our traditional Thanksgiving potluck. It was great to reconnect with some people we haven’t seen for a while, have some great food and be thankful for everything in our lives.

NaNoWriMo Trauma: I’ve been behind since the 10th and I continue to be about three to four days behind on where I should be with the word count. I’m trying to catch up this weekend so I’m in a good place to finish out the story on time this week. It’s been a lot harder this time than last year. I think it’s because I’m writing in the fantasy genre, which is different from my past endeavours. I keep trying to channel my old Dungeons & Dragons dungeon master skills, but that’s only working occasionally to help keep the plot moving.

Pop Goes HSM2: I was all set to write last night, but I got completely distracted by a pop-up video presentation of High School Musical 2. I didn’t know it was going to be popped. I saw HSM2 in the guide as I was getting ready to turn off the TV, but I decided to flip over and watch the opening number. And there it was in all its pop-up glory. The pop-ups were great and educational, the movie is still fun to watch and so I got drawn right into it (it distracted Will too, so we both ended up in front of the TV). This morning, right after I finish up this entry it’s back to the land of evil sorcerers.

More Xanadu: I haven’t posted about Xanadu in a while. The cast recording comes out in about a month, meanwhile the cast did perform at the parade yesterday (thank goodness it was warm, otherwise Cheyenne would have frozen in those shorts!). Check out their performance… it’s guaranteed to be a good time.