It’s been a while since I’ve written about it, but I am still working on Neutral Zone, my novel about two high school hockey players who fall in love and come out during their senior year. It’s still in second draft and coming along pretty well. I did get distracted from it while I did NaNoWriMo during November, but I’ve been back at it this month and plan on using these 10 days off I have to make some serious progress.

So yesterday morning at the gym, these two guys come in from the hotel that is in the same building. It was like the two guys from Neutral Zone had walked in, with the only major difference being that one of them was blond. I have no idea if they were any more than friends who were working out, though they were doing some circuit training as if they might also be teammates staying in shape over the holiday. To connect to the book-in-progress even more, the blond stripped off his sweatshirt to reveal an SMU hockey t-shirt, which just made the whole scene a little more complete. If it had been a Michigan State shirt it would’ve been a perfect picture!