The last half of 2011 got away from me. I did focus as much as I should on writing. This year, however, is going to be a year of better focus and more awareness of how I’m using my time. So far, after the first week, things are going well. Here are a couple quick bits of news:

1) Bicycle Built for Two became my best selling short story so far. The most exciting thing around that is that the royalties I’ve earned so far–just under $250–will go towards Braking the Cycle. Forty-two dollars went to the cause for the 2011 ride, and the rest of it is going into the 2012 ride. That account for the first two quarters the story was out. Later this month I’ll get a new royalty statement, which should include the third party sales, such as though Amazon. I’m looking forward to seeing how much more will go to the cause.

2) The Adventures of Jake #1,which appeared as part of Nerdvana in 2009, is going to become a stand-along e-book later this year. My new year opened with JMS Books contracting to publish the story. I’m excited to work with J.M. since I’m a big fan. Plus, it will be great to pump some new life into this story that I really like. More details on the release as I get them.

3) So far I’ve been focused on writing pretty well during this first week of the year. I’m determined to keep that going as I want to wrap up work on the Neutral Zone novel and get it out for consideration.