The very first gay story that I ever sold, which published in December 2009, became available today as a standalone ebook from JMS Books.

Here’s the blurb for Adventures of Jake #1:

Jake is a pretty typical college student. He studies a lot, works two jobs and would like to find the right guy to share it all with. Work and love collide when the man he’s had a crush on comes into the comic book store where he works looking for a birthday present. They run into each other again at a birthday party where Jake’s been hired to entertain kids wearing a superhero costume. Will Jake’s love of comics and superheroes get in the way of winning Michael’s heart? Or is Michael looking for a super man to put some fire into his life?

You can go on over to JMS Books to read an excerpt from the beginning of the story and pick up a copy for yourself. (Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.)

I am excited to see this story have the chance to connect with a new audience. Beyond that I am thrilled to publish with JMS Books. I’ve been a fan of J.M. Synder for years as an author and I love that she took her passion for writing and created her own publishing imprint. JMS Books is celebrating its second year this July and the books, including Advenutres of Jake #1, are on sale to celebrate. So not only should you go over and pick up my book, you should shop the entire catalog for some good deals!