Dirty Dozen Blog Hop
GayRomLit is just around the corner (October 16-19 in Chicago) and I’ve joined with a eleven other authors in the Supporting Author group to to form The Dirty Dozen. We’re visiting each other’s blogs during September for the Dirty Dozen Blog Hop. We answer some great questions about ourselves, our books and how we write. It’s a great way for both authors and readers to get ready for GRL.

Please stop by the tour stops to learn more about authors you already know, or to meet authors that are new to you. Below is the hop schedule. Each author’s name is linked to their website. Each day of the hop I’ll update this page with that days tour stop as well. I hope everyone enjoys the hop as much as we did putting it together.

Sept 1: Max Vos hosts Carter Quinn (read Carter’s post)

Sept 4:  Diana Copland hosts T.M. Smith (read T.M.’s post)

Sept 7: JC Wallace hosts Max Vos (read Max’s post)

Sept 10: Jeff Adams hosts Diana Copland (read Diana’s post)

Sept 12: LE Franks hosts JC Wallace (read JC’s post)

Sept 15: Ethan Stone hosts Jeff Adams (read my post)

Sept 18: Wade Kelly hosts LE Franks (read LE’s post)

Sept 21: Morticia Knight hosts Ethan Stone (read Ethan’s post)

Sept 23: Tempeste O’Riley hosts Wade Kelly (read Wade’s post)

Sept 25: Rafe Haze hosts Morticia Knight (read Morticia’s post)

Sept 28: Carter Quinn hosts Tempeste O’Riley (read Tempeste’s post)

Sept 30: T.M. Smith hosts Rafe Haze (read Rafe’s post)