I had a blast with last week’s Flash Fiction. Zombies and loggers and after hours supermarket, oh my. You can read the complete story at the bottom of last week’s post.

This week, Storymatic is being set aside. I’ve got a flash fiction challenge from Team Prism, which is a team of authors going to GRL in October who have been featured on Prism Book Alliance. We all received the picture below with the challenge to write a story about it.


I’ll have this completed by Friday so I can turn it in. In another change to the usual rules, you won’t be able to read it this week. I will post that I finished it, and I’ll add a link when it’s available on the Prism site in October.

[h2]September 19 Story[/h2]

I’m very pleased with “Who Are You?,” the story I did based on the picture above. You can read the completed story at Prism Book Alliance.