I’m happy to welcome Eric Thornton to the blog today. Eric’s a fellow author I met on Facebook and over the months its been great getting to know him and to see how fast he’s able to write and publish. I’m glad he’s here to tell his story, and give others a chance to discover what he’s doing.

Welcome Eric, please introduce yourself and tell everyone what you write.

My name is Eric Thornton and I write adult and young adult m/m, f/f and the occasional m/f romance. I write thrillers on occasion but mostly romance. For those that don’t know what m/m, f/f and m/f means, it means gay, lesbian, and the occasional hetero romance. I write all my young adult fiction under the name Eric Roberts as it was the name I was born with. One of these days I will have Eric Thornton as my actual name when I get married to my partner.

I have recently started writing young adult fiction and found that I love it so much.

You have several books out and many planned. How do you decide what to write, and do you work on multiples at one time?

Honestly I’m like any other person. I write what comes to mind. Most of the time if I feel more drawn to one story I will focus on it more until it is done. It is something that always works out for me.

I do work on more than one story and sometimes I will work on 3 or more stories. It depends on how strong the story is and if I feel drawn to writing them all at once or if I just write on the one that calls to me more.

I am a genuine multitasked person.

What should readers expect when they pick up one of your books?

When it comes to my young adult fiction, I want readers to expect a sense of fun, emotion, and adventure. As though every book makes you feel like you are making a friend or two and what they face. I want it to be a sense of self. Allowing the reader to read and reflect on themselves. My stories for young adults are major thinking stories. The kinds of stories that people can go through the emotions and worries with the characters.

When it comes to writing under Eric Thornton, I want them to be on an emotional ride with the character. Sure at one point I wrote erotic fiction that kinda stood out. But now, I am focusing on emotional fiction. It is still romance, it will just be a roller coaster of emotions. And as for the thrillers, I hope they get that edge of your seat kind of feeling with them and then some.

What books should people be on the lookout for through the rest of the year?

This year I will be putting out short stories and novellas out the yang. Stories that will make you feel something and enjoy them. I am gonna try to finish the series that I have started under Eric Thornton. And at the same time, I will be writing big time for more Eric Roberts stories. So I have a lot in the works. All depends on when I get them done.

breathWithMeI will say I am working on the follow up story staring one of the background characters from my novel Breathe With Me under Eric Roberts. While Breathe With Me is hetero the rest of the series will be gay romance. I want each character’s story to be told and for readers to wanna know them on a more personal and interesting level.

What got you started writing?

I feel in a way I was born to be a writer. As a kid I wrote stories because I didn’t have much for friends. I was always an introverted person and in some respects still am. I’m a shy person but once I get to know someone I start warming up to them.

I have always loved telling stories. I remember one of my first major stories that helped me discover I have an audience was a hetero fantasy romance story that was about 12 to 20 pages. I don’t have the story anymore as I sold all 20 copies of it that I had for 2 bucks a piece. But I do know it was a fantasy romance that had action and was quite violent for someone at my age at that point, but it was a hit. After that point, I knew I wanted to be a writer and spend my life providing fiction that people would enjoy.

Do you have a favorite book or series among what you’ve written so far?

I know most authors say that what they are writing are their favorites and that they couldn’t pick a favorite from their “kids” as we authors call our stories.

BeforeAndAfterI have always had favorite series that got me deep. My favorites are my: Now and Then Duo (Now and Then w/ the sequel Before and After), Dark Blood Trilogy, and my Evansville Series which is 10 short books.

At one point I had thought the size of them made them books but as I learned, I realized they were short stories. But they are very close to my heart and my constant inspiration. When I need a break, I go back to them and read them over and over again to help me relax and guide me.

With the holiday season fast approaching what’s on your wish list for the season?

Well…honestly. I don’t know. Thanks to making a few friendships I am deep into loving SE Jakes books—which I am basically caught up on; Bailey Bradford books (almost caught up) and then there is the lovely Morticia Knight whose books I love. I am catching up on her too.

As for my wish list for the season: I don’t know honestly. I am a bit scatterbrained when it comes to wish lists. I do know what I wanna do for New Year’s Day but Christmas…hard for me to say. If I were to take a shot in the dark (aha. It’s funny because it’s one of my book titles) I would say gift cards. I love me some amazon gift cards.

Here’s where you can find Eric on the web:

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