Happy-new-year-2015-QuotesI enjoyed 2014, as you know if you read my year in review from last week. But I’m psyched to get moving on 2015.

The previous year has taught me that I can write more than I thought I could. As such, I’m planning a fairly aggressive 2015 to get some stories that I want to tell out for people to read. I’ve got my year broken down in to quarters and I’ve got plans for what’s happening in each of them. Some of this may get shuffled as the months go by, but it’s the plan as I see it right now. (For a look at personal goals you can check out my post on JeffAndWill.com.)

Q1: Hat Trick Overtime: Summer Camp is already set to publish on January 11. In Q1 I’m planning my first foray into self publishing as well with a YA novella about a guy who falls for someone he sees doing parkour in Central Park. I expect it’ll publish in February. Work on the Hat Trick 3: Penalty Shot manuscript will continue.

Q2: Hat Trick 3 will be submitted so it can publish during the summer. I’ll also work on at least one submission call for Dreamspinner Press because I’d like to get some new work in there. Work will start on the Codename: Winger YA series as well. I’m not ready to talk much about what this is yet, but I’m super excited for it. It’s main character is already talking a lot in my head, so some writing my happen even before Q2.

Q3: I got the rights back to Dancer & Sexy Big Man in 2014 and I’d like to do with it what I did with RivalsDancer will get some new scenes added to it and be submitted so it can be re-released. This may happen with a publisher I haven’t worked with before because I’d like to expand my distribution channels further so I can gain more exposure for all of my work.

Q4: I’m hoping Codename: Winger is ready for beta reads, or maybe even submission. There’ll also be one last Hat Trick short story that will be a coda to the series. I want it to release on the Friday after Thanksgiving (those who’ve read HT know the significance of that day within the series).

It’s hard to plug everything into a quarter right now. For example, if I succeed with the Dreamspinner calls, those would come out in Q3 and Q4, but until those succeed, I can’t count on that. You could say most of the above, at least right now, is around my writing plans. I plan to revise this plan each quarter, to allow for publishing plans and also to allow me to plug in other projects I may take on.

Another goal I have is to write an average of 10,000 words per week, which breaks down to around 1,430 words per day. Stories, Flash Fiction Friday and guest posts I do all go into that word count (post for this site or JeffAndWill.com do not). If you’re interested, you can see how this word count breakdown, and what I’m working on, at the Works In Progress Diary.

There’ll be travel, too. I’m already signed up for Rainbow Book Fair (April 18 in NYC) where I’ll have books and stuff, plus I’ll probably be doing a reading. October will bring the annual trek to GRL, which is in San Diego this year so Will and I get a road trip instead of flying. We’re also thinking about going to the Gay Romance Northwest Meetup in September. It’s possible there could be more, but this is the current plan.

Overall, 2015 is about making the writing more into a small business, too. It’s clear this is more than a hobby and it would be great to transform what I love to do into a self-sustaining business, preferably one that over time is capable of supporting me. There’s no time like the present to start laying the foundation for that.

So that’s what my writing life in 2015 looks like. Time to get it work on it!
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