Sometimes it blows my mind what Will and I get to do because we’ve got the podcast. This past week was one of the mindblowing ones!

If you’ve listened to back episodes, you know we love the show Eastsiders. We’ve raved about the first two seasons (which you can stream on Netflix–and you should if you haven’t). We backed the show’s Season 3 Kickstarter (which you should back if you aren’t) last week and mentioned it on the show. From that Kickstarter pledge, I ended up talking to them on Twitter and that wound up with Kit & John, the driving force behind the Eastsiders, to come on the show to talk. It was cool talking to them about the new season, the cool rewards that are available for backing the show and why Kickstarter is so important to shows like Eastsiders.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also talk to one of our favorite authors, Ari McKay. Ari McKay is actually a pen name for a writing team and we find out how they got together and moved from fan fiction into original fiction along with how their collaboration process works. Plus, there’s a new book from them to talk about as Breaking Bonds, a new Dreamspun Desire, comes out on June 1.

It’s a jam packed episode of awesomeness. Make sure you check it out today!