We usually take the bloopers out of our episodes, but this week we just kept rolling. Check out the part of the show where we introduce ourselves and you’ll find out what happened. Oops…but it did leave me with a goofy look on my face (as shown above).

I love this week’s interview with Jay Bell, author of the Something Like… series. It’s amazing to hear how Something Like Summer, which wasn’t supposed to have a sequel has become a nine book (and counting) series and spawned a movie and a comic. It was incredible to hear that all of this came from a book that is self published too.

Other fun things to listen for this week: a giveaway for an audiobook of Tall, Dark & Deported from Bru Baker, a celebration of Romance Awareness Month and our look at the short film In a Heartbeat.

Check out Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast episode 96 for all the action.